Step-by-step how to do Orton effect with Pixelmator

This is a way to simulate, using Pixelmator, a “slide sandwich” (a technique created by the photographer Michael Orton starting from one only photo and control and modify results till you like.

I like this effect, but not all the images work well as “Orton Slide Sandwich”.

Experiment with different settings, results change following files resolution and prints size.

For purists: using a tripod you have to take two photos, the first, sharp and overexposed by two stops and the second, out of focus overexposed by one stop, open them in Pixelmator and change “Layers” blending mode to “Multiply”.

Step 1. Open your image and save it as pxm. Make a duplicate of the image (Layers > Duplicate).

Step 2. Call it “screen”.

Step 3. In “Layers” change the blending mode to “Screen”.

Step 4. Duplicate this image (Layers > Duplicate).

Step 5. Call it “blur multiply”.

Step 6. Open “Filter > Blur > Gaussian”.

Step 7. Set a Radius of 25 pixels.

Step 8. In “Layers” change the blending mode to “Multiply”.

Step 9. Duplicate these layers.

Step 10. Merge the copies.

Step 11. Call it “orton”.

Step 12. Open “Image > Levels” and adjust levels.

That all! Save as jpg to share.


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